Beast from The East Slain by Carers

March 7, 2018
Beast from The East Slain by Carers

It’s no secret that carers are everyday superheroes, and no one knows it better than us here at SmartCare, which is why we only fill our care worker jobs in Hampshire with the most passionate people around! In yet another example of those in the industry proving themselves to be carers in every sense of the world, the recent spate of stormy weather has shown carers coming out in full force and braving the weather up and down the country for the sake of their charges.


As many workers understandably waited out the recent winter storms from the comfort of their homes, a certain sect of employees simply couldn’t work from home, and were unwilling to accept the luxury of snow days when they knew there were people still in need. And just who were these brave souls? Why, carers, of course!


Numerous passionate and dedicated folk refused to be kept from their duty by the harsh weather, and went above and beyond what many would expect of them by doing things like sleeping at care homes or battling through blizzards to ensure that help and support were still given to those who needed it, whatever the weather.


 Not allowing even a beast to beat them, many braved red warning snow conditions to continue their work, with numerous cases of carers walking hours through the snow to aid the vulnerable and make sure everyone was kept safe, including fellow colleagues. All of this has managed to earn those involved the title-cum-hashtag #snowheroes on Twitter, which we believe is truly deserved!


If you think you have what it takes to be a hero, then why not apply to SmartCare for one of the fantastic care worker jobs in Hampshire? Of course, we’d never ask you to trek through a storm for us, but the drive to do so when you know someone is in need proves you’d make an excellent carer! Apply now by filling in an online application, or contact us by calling 0800 112 3142 or emailing – we’d love to hear from you!