Personality Quiz

1 being least like me. 5 being most like me

Genuine interest in others and willing to stop and chat or just give a smile

Introducing yourself, explaining situation and how you might help, being friendly and warm, treating people with respect, not cold or abrupt

Paying close attention to what people are saying; not looking at the notes or being distracted

Asking/knowing relevant details about someone’s life, their situation; not treating them as "just a number"

Fully answering your questions; explaining clearly, giving you adequate information; not being vague

Having a positive approach and a positive attitude, being honest but not negative about your problems)

Being genuinely concerned, connecting with others on a human level; not being indifferent or "detached"

Knowing what to do in a situation

Doing what you say you will do, being on time, someone to be relied on.

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