These Key Factors Can Help People Live Well With Dementia

September 5, 2018
These Key Factors Can Help People Live Well With Dementia

As a leading care agency in Surrey, SmartCare always do our best to keep up to date with recent news relevant to us and our clients. What’s piqued our interest recently is a recent report from the University of Exeter that has identified key factors that impact the quality of life for Alzheimer’s patients, which could help go a long way towards helping them live the best life possible and achieve a sense of wellbeing despite their condition.


50 million people worldwide are thought to have Alzheimer’s, and as such has no known cure, with many treatment options merely being the attempted control of symptoms. As a disease that is difficult to prevent and treat, it’s vital that attention is properly paid as to how best to support those with it so we can optimise their quality of life – this becomes more challenging as dementia progresses but is not impossible, and serves to highlight the need for proper support for the individual and their loved ones. This can be achieved by monitoring the following factors:



Socialising and Relationships

Maintaining strong relationships with family and friends, and being able to spend time with loved ones saw an uptick in the quality of life among Alzheimer’s sufferers, as well as being included in social activities and feeling like part of the community. Many people with Alzheimer’s feel isolated or like a burden, and the above can help relieve those feelings.

Conversely, living alone can have the opposite effect, and can also lead to unmet needs as the patient finds it harder to care for themselves without assistance.


Good Health

Those in good physical and mental health were reported to have a better of quality of life compared to those with feelings or agitation or apathy, mental health issues like anxiety, or physical problems like (chronic) pain.


High-Quality Care

If care is undertaken by friends, relatives, or spouses, carer well-being impacts the quality of care they can provide, and, in turn, the patient’s quality of life. A carer who’s overwhelmed by their commitments or has untreated health concerns of their own cannot properly meet the needs of the person they’re caring for, leading to a diminished quality of life for them both.

High-quality care provided by professionals like SmartCare will see Alzheimer’s patients have a higher quality of life, especially when the kind of care provided is more person-centred.


Everyday Functioning

Those who were about to better manage their everyday activities had a better quality of life than those who did not; this is probably due to feeling more in control and empowered, compared to those who may feel that they were not coping.

Certain factors had larger or smaller effects on quality of life, but all of the small things add up in the end to a much larger impact, which is why even minor improvements are vital, as well as tackling even small problems.

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