Hello and Welcome to Our New Website!

April 6, 2018
Hello and Welcome to Our New Website!

In addition to running our top-notch home care agency in Surrey and Hampshire, the team here at SmartCare have been working tirelessly with designers and developers to get our new website up and running for all our customers to be able to use. Finally, after a lot of hard work from everyone involved, we’re delighted to announce that everything is finally ready, so: welcome to our new website, we do hope that you’ll enjoy your visit!


We sincerely hope that you’ll notice the clean design of our site, as well as the added features that help make it uniquely “us”, and we know you’ll just love how functional and easy to navigate it is for users of all ages, which is of utmost importance in the caring industry!


With more people now than ever before using various mobile devices to browse websites, we knew it was vital for our website to be responsive, so you should find that you’ll be able to view this site with no problems whether you’re using a phone, tablet, or computer.


Most of all, we hope that you’ll use our new site to help you find what you’re looking for, whether that’s home help, advice, or a career in caring. After all, this site is built with you in mind!


If you’re in need of a quality home care agency in Surrey or are looking to become part of a passionate caring team, then SmartCare should be your first choice! We always strive for excellence in our field, whilst maintaining a positive atmosphere and compassionate attitude. If this sounds like just what you’re looking for and you’re close to one of our offices, then don’t hesitate to chat with us today by contacting your local branch (Weybridge, Fleet, or Epsom) – we’d love to hear from you! In the meantime, why not take a look around our new site? We love it, and we think you will, too!